Ultimate Shapewear Buying Guide

Shapewear allows you to instantly slim your figure, but in order to get the results you want, it is important to find the right shapewear for your needs. For one person, a waist cincher is exactly what they need; for another, full-body shapewear suits their needs more. To determine what is the best shapewear for you, consult our guide below.

Styles Of Shapewear

First, here are some of the most common forms of shapewear to introduce you to your options.

Full-Body Shapewear

Also referenced to as all-in-one shapewear, body shapers, and body shapewear, full-body shapewear offers full coverage, smoothing your entire midsection from the bust to the hips. Body shapewear often has a built-in bra, which means they are sized according to bra size, so it is relatively easy to determine which size is best for you.

Bust Shapewear

Bust shapewear pushes your chest up the way a push-up bra does, but simultaneously smooths your shape and offers maximum support, making it look more natural. Bust shapewear is also based on bra size.

Shapewear Panties

Shaping panties lift and support your bum while flattening the stomach and hips as a way to slim down your natural shape. These are sized based on your waist, hip, and panty size.

Thigh Shapewear

Thigh shapewear is designed to slim the thighs while also offering the benefits of shaping panties to your belly, hip, and behind.

Tummy Control Shapewear

Tummy control shapewear is very similar to shapewear panties, except that it is usually exclusive offers tummy control. A support panel that does from front to back flattens the stomach.

Waist Cinchers

For people who wish to just add a little bit of definition to their waists, waist cinchers are the ideal solution. There are many different kinds of waist cinchers, but the most common extend from right under the bra line and extend down the entire torso, smoothing the midsection.

Levels of Support

Beyond the different types of shapewear, there are also different levels of support.

  • Light Control: Support is roughly equivalent to control top pantyhose. Offers limited control without any binding or panels.
  • Moderate Control: Adds more smoothness than light control, often using spandex and control panels.
  • Firm Control: With the use of firm control panels and spandex, firm control shapewear offers greater support for problem areas.
  • Extra Firm Control: This is the most supportive shapewear offered. It usually uses reinforced panels, spandex, and sometimes boning for maximum control.

Sizing Tips

Regardless of the type that you choose, it’s important to get the right size shapewear. Some people believe that buying it in a size smaller with give them added support, but in reality, it won’t fit properly and will be quite obvious underneath clothing. If you are looking for more support from your shapewear, it is better to invest in shapewear in the correct size with a higher level of support.

Identify Your Body Shape

Identifying your body shape can be helpful for determining what type of shapewear is best for you.

Round Figured

Round figured people have a small waist-to-hip ratio, and are often broad shouldered. Round figures want to slim their shape while defining their waistline. Therefore, waist cinchers may be the best fit for this body type.

Straight Figured

Straight figured people are lean and tall. Their shoulders, waist, and hips are all pretty much in proportion. Straight figured people often wear shapewear to add some curves to their figure. Therefore, waist cinchers and bum-enhancing shapewear are good options for them.


Hourglass shapes are curvy, with their bust and hips in proportion and a smaller waist. The goal of this shapewear is to define the curves that are naturally there. Full-body shapewear can offer this body type the smoothing support they seek.

Curvy on Bottom

When you have this body type, you have a slimmer waist, bust, and shoulders with curvier hips. The goal of shapewear for this body type is to balance out the figure. Thigh-slimming shapewear will serve this body type well. .

Shapely on Top

If you have an ample bust and broad shoulders, but narrower hips, you fit this body type. The primary goal of shapewear for this shape is to draw the eye away from your chest and create more balance. Full-body shapers may serve this body type well, as well as bum-ehancing shapewear to add some volume to the bottom half.


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