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As a Colombian shape wear Factory we have a bigger latitude to give you the best possible price, taking in consideration that we are talking about Authentic, top quality Colombian products. I’m sure, by looking your search in the market, that you know that is a big difference between Colombian products compared to a Chinese product. Low price is a clear indicative of low quality and short life expectancy of the product and that is not the case in our products, while for the standards of Colombian products, our product, in all the lines that we sale, are of the highest quality, we have the most competitive prices.

You’re interested in what is called “White Label”.

Allow me to explain how it works; you select the references of your interest.

Minimum Quantity order:

*Minimum 500 pieces which you can mix references and colors.

*Minimum per quantity per size 6 pieces.

Wholesale price+ White label service+ Shipping

Cost White label Service:

*1000 Printed package $ 250 usd.

*1000 Printed tags $ 40 usd.

Note: We will charge again when your inventory of package and tags are out of stock.

Please allow us to send you a sample of any item of your preference at just wholesale price plus shipping, that way you could see by yourself the excellent quality of our products.

Also please see the attach catalog of our collection and Wholesale Prices.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Agustin E Paredes

Sales Director

Fajas Colombianas AnnaMarye


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Colombian factory : 

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Customer services:

Monday to Saturday: 10 am-7 pm (EST)