Men’s Classic Latex Vest Trainer Ref 755M

$ 60.76



Men’s Classic Latex Vest Trainer Ref 755M

If you are looking for a way to instantly shape your body with long-term results, this vest trainer is for you.

  • This product increases how much you sweat during a workout, which sheds water weight and speeds fat loss.
  • You can use this vest trainer during any workout, whether it is yoga or kickboxing.
  • Enhance your ab workouts and reduce waist fat.

This waist trainer for men is ideal when you are aiming for a six-pack. Allowing you to more easily shed belly fat through compression and perspiration, this vest is easy to put on thanks to its wide straps and three-hook closure. You can comfortably wear this trainer during virtually any workout and enjoy the benefits of fat loss. When it comes to vest trainers, this product is of unparalleled quality and durability so you can enjoy what it has to offer for as long as possible.

  • Latex
  • Can be used in any workout
  • Reduces waist fat
  • Exercises abdominal muscles
  • Three-hook closure



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