REDUCING GEL 230 gr 1001

$ 21.45

Gel reductora y reairmante .Contiene extractos naturales que activan y favorecen la circulación y reducen el tejido adiposo localizado (grasa) que se acumula bajo la piel, moldeando la silueta y ayudando a reducir tallas. Con práctico aplicador que activa la circulación mientras masajea y ayuda a la absorción profunda. 6 oz


Cut cellulite and fight fat with our incredible Reducing Hot Gel. This gel is made of natural extracts and ingredients for maximum effect.

  • Promotes circulation in the targeted area
  • Maintains loose skin
  • Reduces fat from waist, thighs, and buttocks
  • Helps to attain and maintain a trim and sleek body shape

Anna Marye can help you achieve the slim figure you’ve always dreamed of with this amazing Slimming Hot Gel. By applying the gel to targeted areas, you can eliminate the accumulated fat in the area and increase the flow of oxygen to the surrounding skin. Our Slimming Hot Gel also stimulates blood circulation, so your skin will grow healthier and stronger. Made from natural herbs extracts and ingredients, the Slimming Hot Gel targets the adipose tissues that build up under the skin and leads to an unsightly appearance. With regular use, you’ll see slimming results fast.


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