Sport Vest Waist Trainer Ref 756-1

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This sport vest waist trainer is made of latex and cotton and covered with antiperspirant fabrics to eliminate unsightly abdomen and back fat while burning targeted fat. It’s supported by thick straps and reinforced seams. It helps relieve back pain by correcting your posture and providing superior back support.

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Our AnnaMarye Thermal Waist Trainer is made of the highest quality in comparison to other trainers on the market, offered with 2 hooks and 3 hooks in pink and black.

  • This waist trainer instantly slims your figure, and with prolonged use, you can permanently alter your figure.
  • We improved the hook and eye closure to make it easier to put the trainer on and used thicker/sturdier material to give better/faster results.
  • This waist trainer works by helping to get rid of water weight in the midsection through perspiration.
  • Designed to be used during your workout, this waist trainer supports your back, reducing your risk of injury when lifting weights.

All of our thermal trainers are intended to be used while exercising. Wearing this trainer while being active will get your body to activate thermogenesis, resulting in fat loss in the midsection by ramping up your body heat and perspiration due to its thick and sturdy material. This will also allow impurities and toxins to exit the skin. Instantly slim your figure but also enjoy long-term benefits with repeated use as your body changes over time.

  • Available with 2-hooks and 3-hooks
  • Made with latex on the outside and cotton on the inside
  • Improved hook and eye closure
  • Covers upper back, waist, and midsection
  • Compression helps reshape the abdominal area
  • Helps burn targeted fat
  • Great support for those heavyweight lifters

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Weight 1 lbs

Black, Blue, Pink


2H, 3H


2XL/40, 3XL/42, L/36, M/34, S/32, XL/38, XS/30


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