Trimmer Sport Waist Cincher For Men REF 754M

$ 62.50



Our Sports Thermal Trainer for Men has been redesigned for maximum durability and comfort.

  • Great quality, more durable, and now offered with 3 rows of hooks to give you more options for adjustment.
  • New and improved hook closure for ease in putting on
  • Sturdier material to give better/faster results and to retain tightness longer.

Upon purchasing, you will be granted access to our waist training program, ensuring you can maximize your results.
The Sports Thermal Trainer for Men is designed to be used when you are active, so put it on before you hit the gym for maximum results. Wearing this trainer while you exercise will get your body to activate thermogenesis, resulting in fat loss in the midsection by ramping up heat and perspiration, which also allow impurities and toxins to exit the skin. This waist trainer also uses compression to shape your abdominals, and with long-term use, you can see the changes in your body yourself. By improving your posture, it also reduces the risk of injury when you lift weights.

  • Thicker/sturdier than traditional trainers
  • Retains tightness much longer than other trainers on the market
  • Improved hook and eye closure
  • Exerts pressure on the torso, shaping loose skin and sculpting the physique
  • Made with latex on the outside and cotton on the inside cover
  • Great support for those heavy weightlifters

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Weight 1.5 lbs

Black, Blue