A girdle helps minimize fluid build up after tummy tuck?

I request that all of our abdominoplasty patients wear a tummy tuck girdle during the first three weeks post-operatively. One of the biggest enemies cosmetic surgery patients face after surgery is swelling. What’s the point of reducing or tightening an area through liposuction, facelift, or in this case abdominoplasty if you’re not going to try…read more

Exquisitos batidos reductores para bajar y quemar grasa.

El dia de hoy te damos 4 recetas de batidos Naturales que puedes hacer en casa y que te ayudarán a eliminar la grasa localizada en el abdomen y a bajar esos kilitos demás.  Gracias al efecto potenciador de la combinación de ingredientes y alimentos naturales podemos crear increíbles batidos reductores y  bajar rápidamente centímetros de tu…read more

How does Waist Training work?

How does Waist Training work? Waist training can seem a overwhelming to anyone who is new to the world of waist trainers. Waist cinchers create the resistance to tone and firm your core by utilizing perfectly applied compression and providing resistance to ramp up your thermal activity, maximizing the work your muscles do for you…read more

Waist Training. How to Clean & Care!

Extend your Waist Training & Shaper’s life by properly maintaining it •By cleaning your shapewear properly and daily change it and use it after cleaning will make you feel fresh. •It is important to note that, you should not wear your waist trainer twice a day without washing it. We recommend that you wash your…read more

Uso de las Fajas Colombianas Post-Quirurgicas.

Las Fajas Colombianas Post-quirurgicas son una prenda con una banda que combina tejido elástico y tela, la cual se coloca extendida alrededor de una zona del cuerpo para ejercer presión constante. Estas prendas Control y/o Faja Colombianas Post Quirúrgica, vienen en una gran variedad de formas y están diseñadas según el tipo de curación que…read more

AnnaMarye Workout Boned Latex Waist Trainer. Start Now!

Using an Original Annamarye Colombian Boned latex Waist Trainer during workouts creates compression in your core, increasing thermal activity and ramping up perspiration. This stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process. The process allows toxins & impurities to exit the skin, while mobilizing fat cells. It also provides back support. Combine with healthy eating and an active…read more