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Crema de cafeina, Silueta perfecta Esta crema basada en cafeína es capaz de definir una silueta perfecta en un corto período de tiempo, el logro de la aparición de un vientre plano y una figura delgada, libre de estrías y depósitos de grasa.

Ayudate con : Alimentos balanceados- 20 minutos de movivmiento-y una faja Annamarye


Annamarye caffeine cream/ gel :Tone and shape your body with this amazing Caffeine Cream. Made with quality ingredients and extracts.

  • Improves micro-circulation in the body
  • Reduces fat reserves
  • Can be used with Anna Marye shape wear
  • Fast acting for results in as little as two weeks

If you want the trim, toned waist that you’ve always dreamed of, you can get it with the Caffeine Cream from Anna Marye. After a shower, apply just a small amount of the cream to your waist and work the cream into your skin, and then cover with a thin layer of clear saran wrap or fat loss wrap film to encourage maximum absorption. This cream is the perfect match for any Anna Marye waist trainer or corset. After using our caffeine cream for just a few short weeks, you’ll notice a flatter stomach, disappearing stretch marks, and reduced cellulite.


  • 230 gr-ounce tube
  • Made in Colombia  from quality ingredients and extracts.
  • Ideal for Post par-tum stage.

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